Maine Squeeze Smoothie and Juice Cafe

Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe offers high quality blended fruit & vegetable smoothies as well as fresh squeezed juices. We also offer a line of whole food supplements that can be added to any beverage. Our smoothies and juices have been designed to help heal, detoxify and rejuvenate your body. They can be consumed as a meal, snack or just to quench your thirst.

We are the only business in the downtown Portland area specializing in fresh, all-natural smoothies and juices. We pride ourselves on sourcing local produce when available and all of our to-go ware is fully compostable and eco-friendly. We are different from the typical big chain smoothie/juice bars. We don’t add any processed sugars, artificial flavors or fruit syrups. We use only whole fruits and vegetables to create our tasty and nutritious goodness.